Yes, it’s possible to make a living from writing about video games, although like any creative profession, it can require dedication, skill, and sometimes luck. Here are some ways people make a living through writing about video games:

Game Journalism: Writing articles, reviews, previews, and news pieces for gaming websites, magazines, or blogs. Many gaming publications hire staff writers or freelancers to cover various aspects of the gaming industry.
Content Creation: Creating written content for video game-focused YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or podcasts. This can include scripting videos, writing blog posts, or creating written content for social media. For more information please visit ok win
Strategy Guides and Walkthroughs: Writing comprehensive guides, walkthroughs, and tips for popular video games. Some writers collaborate with publishers or self-publish their guides through platforms like Amazon Kindle.
Game Scriptwriting: Working as a scriptwriter for video games involves writing dialogue, storylines, and narratives for various game genres. This often requires strong storytelling skills and an understanding of game design principles.
Freelance Writing and Copywriting: Offering freelance writing services to game developers, publishers, or marketing agencies. This can involve writing marketing materials, game descriptions, in-game text, and other content related to video games.
Game Reviews and Critiques: Building a platform (e.g., blog, YouTube channel, podcast) to share in-depth reviews, critiques, and analysis of video games. Some reviewers monetize their content through advertising, sponsorships, or Patreon support.
E-Sports Reporting: Covering professional gaming tournaments, leagues, and events as a journalist or content creator. This can involve writing articles, producing videos, or live-streaming matches.
Technical Writing: Writing guides, manuals, and documentation for video game software, tools, or development platforms. Technical writers often work for game development companies or freelance for various projects.
Success in any of these areas often requires building a strong portfolio, developing expertise in gaming, networking with industry professionals, and continuously honing your writing skills. While it can be competitive, passionate writers can certainly carve out a niche and make a living writing about video games.